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Our team at Yash Interior is recognized designer in this field. We are specialized in creating interior designs for kid's room. Our designers have very good knowledge of how to prepare interiors to make your kid's room look so amazing. Kids' rooms transform every three or four years, as your child grows up, as he/she reaches new stages of development. For each age group there is a specialized interior design style that fits the interests and needs of that particular stage of life.

We create the most beautiful kids rooms. Our designs are the best. As well as our coloring options, which are the most popular kid room interior design themes on the market. Bored of all the same designs? We will decorate your house in a new, beautiful design! Call or email us today to get started with your new look!

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Types of Kids Bedroom We have:-

Each with its advantages, fuctunality and different ways to use it. We design modern and Space Saving Kids room, offer the best price for all of your kids room and other services. In order to get the best kids room designs or for the kids room designs you can contact kids bedroom interior designers


Bunk kids Bedroom

The most common type of bunk bed is one bed on top of the other. The distance between the two beds is normally around 15 inches. Although it is tough to create the bed on the top bunk, these beds are excellent for conserving room.

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Cabin kids Bedroom

A cabin bed has storage below the sleeping space for your youngster. These are great for compact spaces with little storage space. A cabin bed is taller than a regular bed, but not so high that your child will need to use a ladder to get in.

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Platform kids Bedroom

The profile of a platform bed is low. To support the mattress, the frame features solid support or a slatted surface. The height of a platform is normally between 5 and 12 inches above the ground. A built-in base is included in the bed frame of a platform bed.

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Single kids Bedroom

This is the traditional form of bed that you are used to seeing. It’s a bed with a frame. It might come with a headrest and a footboard. It could only have one of them. The single bed is a timeless design that will never go out of style.

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Toddler kids Bedroom

A toddler bed features a crib mattress and a smaller bed frame. After a youngster has graduated from a crib, this is usually the following stage. These beds are frequently turned into fantastical objects for children, such as a race car or a princess palace. A toddler bed that fits a twin mattress and includes a removable safety bed rail is also available.

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Trundle kids Bedroom

When you have two children but don’t have enough room for two beds, a trundle bed is great. In addition, unlike a bunk bed, this sort of bed keeps the youngsters close to the ground. A trundle bed features an additional bed with wheels that is stowed underneath the main bed.

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Wall kids Bedroom

Wall beds would surely receive an award for space-saving furniture if such an honor existed. They’re called pull-down beds because they’re hinged on one end and may be stored vertically within a cabinet or against a wall.

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Things To Consider Before:-


When choosing on a bed size for your child, there are several factors to consider. First, evaluate the space where the bed will be placed and how long you want your child to stay in this bed. There are standard size beds that have the same measurements regardless of where you buy the bed. A small single bed, for example, measures 30 inches by 75 inches. A normal single measures 36 by 75 inches. A little double bed measures 48 by 75 inches.


You should always ask if you need to build the bed or if that service is included when you buy it. It is not always a sure thing. If you have to make it, you should know how tough it is to put together before you buy it.



Bed frames are built from a variety of materials. To begin with, solid wood frames are made from a number of wood types, ranging from pine to oak. Wooden beds are both durable and attractive. Second, there are metal and plastic bed frames available. Metal beds are heavy and can withstand everything your youngster throws at them. Each has its own set of benefits, while some are more long-lasting than others.


Price is always an issue. You want to stick to your budget. A bed, on the other hand, is an investment. You don’t want it to crumble. You want it to be long-lasting and secure. As a result, you may have to invest a bit extra for a bed that gives you confidence. However, if you are purchasing a bed for a tiny child that will only be used for a few years, you do not want to spend too much money.

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What Mattress Can I Use for a Kid's Bed?

More creative team

Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses are firmer and better suited to newborns and little children. When they sleep on a firm mattress, they feel safe and secure. The appeal of innerspring mattresses originates from the fact that they are extremely long-lasting. They can sustain a greater amount of wear and tear. Innerspring mattresses are offered in two varieties. There are two types of coil mattresses: open coil and pocketed coil.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made of a substance that responds to body heat and pressure. The more time you spend lying on this sort of mattress, the more it learns and conforms to your body’s shape. These mattresses are typically described as hugging your body. Memory foam is able to isolate motion, so if you have two children sleeping on the same bed, neither of them will be disturbed by the movement of the other.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a fantastic option for kids who prefer the feel of a spring mattress but want more motion isolation. They are durable and comfortable, making them the perfect combination of other mattresses’ best features. Hybrid mattresses utilize the airflow offered by the frame’s cooling characteristics, as well as newer, more modern gel-infused memory foam with phase change elements.

Latex Mattress

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to uninterrupted sleep. The Latex Mattress is engineered to minimize motion transfer, ensuring that you and your partner enjoy a peaceful slumber without any disturbances. So, cuddle up, toss and turn freely, or stretch out to your heart's content, knowing that this mattress has got your back.


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