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After the bed, the wardrobe is the most often used piece of furniture in your bedroom. It stores your hand-knit sweaters, high-priced shoes, torn jeans, classic leather belts, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, shorts, and all the accessories you buy at your beloved fashion store. Given its regular use and the burden it bears, you should constantly make certain that the design of your wardrobe is appropriate for your needs and requirements. If you are unsure about the many sorts of wardrobe designs available, read this article.

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Five types of wardrobes We have:-

Each with its advantages, fuctunality and different ways to use it. We are the top leading modern wardrobe manufacturer in Dwarka Delhi, offer the best price for all of your new or old wardrobe renovation service. In order to get the best modular wardrobe designs contact modular wardrobe designers and manufacturers in Delhi/Gurgaon.


Hinged Door wardrobe

This is the traditional wardrobe style that most Indian families use. It has been around for a long time. The shutter or door of this type of wardrobe is fastened to the closet with powerful hinges, thus the term hinged door wardrobe. The major advantage of this wardrobe is that its shutters may swing wide open outwards at a 90-degree angle, allowing a full view of the closet and making it easier to find items.


Free-Standing Wardrobe

These wardrobes are ideal for people who regularly modify their overall house layout or who relocate their complete home owing to job or vacation. With free-standing closets, storage space is available not only inside the wardrobe but also above it. Yes, if your bedroom has a high ceiling, these wardrobes may give you with some more storage space above its roof and assist you in making the most use of vertical space in your bedroom.


Sliding Door Wardrobe

This is the current wardrobe style preferred by the majority of today’s elites. It features sliding doors that move from side to side along metal tracks attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe, and it does not rely on hinges to keep its doors closed. Because their doors swing horizontally, they give the greatest benefit of conserving space by not taking up the area in front of them. Aside from that, this type of wardrobe does not obstruct the flow of traffic in the room.


Walk-In Wardrobe

When you have the luxury of space, walk-in closets may elevate your bedroom to the next level of sophistication. These closets have enough capacity to store all of your belongings, from shoes to jewellery, without making you see those crowded drawers and brimming racks. You may create extra room and enable your accessories to breathe better by introducing variable shelf alternatives and clever storage solutions wherever you wish.


Customised Wardrobe

Do you have nooks and crannies in your bedroom? Do you want to turn them into usable spaces? Then consider custom-made closets! They can transform even the smallest corner of your bedroom into a highly functional storage area for your accessories and things. They are also an excellent alternative when you do not want to compromise on any aspect of your wardrobe design, whether it is the quantity of shelves within the wardrobe or its overall aesthetic.

Benefits Of Installing A Customized Modular Wardrobe:-


A Relaxing Establishing

It is commonly recognised that keeping a clean and ordered environment reduces stress. Installing a wardrobe closet in your bedroom will help to reduce clutter by giving it a home. When you go into your bedroom, the last thing you want to see are visual reminders of all the work that has to be done. This might involve washing, bills, event preparation, and so on.

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Extra Space

Another significant advantage of installing a closet wall unit is the additional room it provides. Because of the multiple storage choices offered, you will finally have a place for all of your hats, shoes, scarves, or folded clean items that are now sitting on your bed. You could discover that when you’ve carefully stowed away all of your belongings, you really have more space than you imagined. This is an excellent reason to indulge in some shopping therapy!

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Completely customizable

Do you need a place to store your expensive winter sweaters? Maybe you still need a place to keep your pricey shoes or silk ties. We design bespoke shelves, drawers, hampers, cabinets, tie racks, jewellery boxes, hanging space, and any other feature you can conceive of adding into a closet.

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A Place for Everything

Take a deep breath in as your space turns from a state of chaos to a state of perfection. You will no longer have lingering folded clothes, dirty laundry, shoes strewn about, or hats scattered throughout the house if you designate specific areas for goods. Putting these objects in a wardrobe closet or wall unit provides harmony and reduces stress in your life.

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Modify Dimension

With the addition of our wardrobe closets, small spaces no longer seem claustrophobic. With the addition of a wall unit, the space will no longer be a box and will have a break in sight lines, making it appear larger. In addition, the installation of mirrors to the exterior of the doors creates the optical image of greater space, increasing the perceived size.

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Rooms with Odd Shapes Can Be Accommodated

If your room is unusually shaped or your doors are inconveniently placed, you may feel that a wall unit will not fit. You’d be mistaken! We may be able to do this by selecting the appropriate sized unit and kind of doors. Folding, pivoting, or sliding doors have distinct characteristics that make them excellent for use in tiny areas.

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Personalized Design

Choose a custom colour theme, material (wood, metal, glass), style, and lighting for your handmade wall unit. You can opt with a contemporary or modern design, or you can stick with your present style by harmonising other house furnishings. Changing around the textures is another fantastic method to tailor your meal to your preferences. Glass doors with hardwood trim or wood doors with metal hardware are two possibilities.

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