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Modular Kitchen Interior Designers

Yash Interior creates simple modular kitchen designs that are the ideal combination of functionality and style. Our modular kitchen designs range from simple kitchens with minimal interiors to elaborately designed kitchen interiors.

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Modular Kitchen Manufectures and Designers

Modular Kitchen Manufectures and Designers

Is cooking a joy for you, but what about the cleanup after each meal? – Modular kitchens are a latest technological solution to traditional kitchen problems these days. This solution delivers daily kitchen tasks easier thanks to its functionality and durability. It is a modern kitchen with modular units like trolleys, baskets, and cabinets built of various materials and equipped with the necessary accessories All of these elements lead to the value of a well-designed and built Modular Kitchen because “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU FEEL”. To put it more simply, a modular kitchen works as extra hands in the kitchen, making your work more efficient.

Six types of modular kitchen:-

Each with its advantages, fuctunality and different ways to use it.We are the top leading modular kitchen manufacturer in Delhi/Gurgaon. We offer the best price for all of your new or old kitchens renovation service. In order to get the best modular kitchen designs or for the kitchen interior you can contact interior designers in Dwarka.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

L-shaped modular kitchen

L-shaped kitchens offer an easy and efficient workspace and allow appliances and cabinets to be installed along right angled walls with an open area in the centre.

Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight modular kitchen

The straight layout for a kitchen is one of the most convenient options for compact homes or for homes that want to save on space.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

U-shaped modular kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is a common layout that features built-in cabinetry, countertops and appliances on three sides, with a fourth side left open or featuring a cased opening or entry door.

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Modular kitchen

A parallel kitchen is simply a layout in which the cabinets and countertops run in two straight parallel lines, usually on opposite walls.

Island Modular Kitchen

Island Modular Kitchen

The name of the design is so because it has a kitchen island, a dedicated area (countertop) in the middle of the kitchen. 

G-Shaped Modular Kitchen

G-Shaped modular kitchen

G shaped kitchen is an altered version of the U shaped kitchen. Its best suited to those who want to use every square inch of kitchen possible into their space.

Benefits Of Installing A Customized Modular Kitchen:-

Available in a wide range of designs

Modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi/Gurgaon provide a broad range of designs and layouts to meet the needs of every consumer. These modular kitchen layouts are available in a variety of colour schemes and styles, which enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen while also adding a modern touch with unique ideas and patterns.

Space optimization

The modular kitchen is especially designed to make the most use of the available space. Customers may choose from a variety of modular kitchen forms and layouts recommended by modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi/Gurgaon, which give plenty of storage space and clutter-free item organisation.


One of the most noticeable aspects of a modular kitchen is its ability to be customised. Customers may customise the colour scheme, form, design, and aesthetic of the modular kitchen to their satisfaction. The modular kitchen maker will construct a custom-made kitchen plan based on the cabinet, drawer, and appliance slot placements you choose.

Easy to install

The modular kitchen’s design makes it simple to construct and install in a short period of time. This property of simple installation is quite useful for relocation services, as the modular kitchen may be dismantled and relocated to a new place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may choose from a variety of colour schemes provided by modular kitchen manufacturers and settle the theme that best suits your preferences and needs.

Yes, we provide warranty on kitchen material and appliences as most modular kitchen manufacturers provide a warranty for a certain amount of time; however, this service can be extended for an extra fee.

Modular kitchen installation typically takes 5 days. Modular kitchen assembly takes two days, but three days are set aside to accommodate any adjustments that may arise as a result of the modular kitchen configuration. A simple kitchen renovation to a semi-modular kitchen can be finished in 12-15 days.

Yes, you can make adjustments or modifications to the sample plan of the modular kitchen offered by the modular kitchen manufacturers before the project begins.

Straight modular kitchens, G-shaped modular kitchens, parallel shaped modular kitchens, and L-shaped modular kitchens are some of the kitchen layouts that are specifically designed by modular kitchen manufacturers in Delhi/Gurgaon to efficiently use space while also adding a modern touch to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Modular kitchens are stylish and simple to maintain. They maximise space use while also assisting with the maintenance of a clutter-free kitchen.

The cost of a modular kitchen begins at Rs. 70,000 but we can adjust the estimate as per your budgets.

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