Who Are The Top Interior Designers In India?

India boasts a dynamic array of top interior designers who elevate the art of space transformation. Yash Interior and Construction, led by founder Diwakar Sharma with 17+ years of experience, brings innovative designs to life. ANSA Interiors and Carafina, synonymous with luxury, redefine opulence in residential and commercial spaces.

The KariGhars specialize in crafting personalized environments, blending functionality with artistic flair. These designers, including Carafina, have left an indelible mark on the industry, creating spaces that resonate with individuality and sophistication. From G-Shaped Modular Kitchens to Island Modular Kitchens, their expertise spans a diverse range, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

India boasts a cadre of top-notch interior designers shaping luxury and creativity in spaces. Renowned names like Yash Interior and Construction, ANSA Interiors, Carafina, and The KariGhars lead the industry, blending innovation and sophistication to create distinctive, aesthetically pleasing environments. These designers redefine living and commercial spaces with their unique vision and expertise.

1. Diwakar Sharma

  • Founder Biography: Diwakar Sharma, born on September 1, 1989, is the visionary founder of Yash Interior and Construction, shaping the interior design landscape since 2005. With 17+ years of expertise and a family business legacy of over 40 years, Sharma has propelled the company to prominence. His commitment to excellence and innovative approach is evident in crafting bespoke residential and commercial interiors. Sharma's leadership reflects a passion for creating unique spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, making Yash Interior and Construction a distinguished name in the industry.
  • Company Name: Yash Interior and Construction
  • Company Biography: Yash Interior and Construction, founded by Diwakar Sharma in 2005, stands as a beacon of innovation in the interior design landscape. With 17+ years of expertise and a family business legacy spanning over 40 years, the company has become synonymous with bespoke design solutions. Specializing in G-Shaped Modular Kitchens, residential, and commercial interiors, Yash Interior and Construction transforms spaces with a commitment to excellence, creativity, and personalized service. Elevate your living experience with our unique and functional designs that blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.
  • Contact Numbers: +91 8766212762, +91 9650648196, +91 7048908761
  • Company Email ID: info@yashinterior.in

2. Shabnam Gupta

  • Founder Biography: Shabnam Gupta, the creative force behind The Orange Lane, is a distinguished designer renowned for her expertise in both commercial and residential projects. With a keen eye for space management techniques, she transforms spaces with ingenuity, maximizing functionality and aesthetics. Shabnam Gupta's visionary approach has earned her a prominent place in the design realm, where each project under her guidance reflects a harmonious blend of innovation and efficiency, making her a sought-after name in the industry.
  • Company Name: The Orange Lane
  • Company Biography: The Orange Lane, helmed by the visionary Shabnam Gupta, is a design studio synonymous with innovation and functionality. Specializing in both commercial and residential projects, the studio redefines spaces with a unique blend of creativity and efficient use of space. Known for its transformative designs, The Orange Lane stands as a testament to Shabnam Gupta's commitment to crafting environments that seamlessly marry aesthetics and practicality, making it a trailblazer in the dynamic world of interior design.

3. Lipika Sud

  • Founder Biography: Lipika Sud, a prominent Interior Designer based in Delhi NCR, stands at the forefront of India's design landscape. Internationally acclaimed for her distinctive design sensibilities, she infuses passion into every Residential, Corporate, or Hotel project. Lipika's expertise extends to residences, farmhouses, and corporate spaces. She dedicates herself to projects like hotels, hospitals, and institutions, offering comprehensive interior design solutions. Her firm excels in services integration and project management, reflecting Lipika Sud's commitment to excellence in every facet of interior design.
  • Company Name: Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd
  • Company Biography: Lipika Sud Interiors Pvt. Ltd, founded and directed by Lipika Sud, stands as a pinnacle in India's interior design realm. With over two decades of expertise since 1989, the firm epitomizes design excellence. Specializing in creating enchanting interiors, Lipika Sud's visionary leadership has garnered international acclaim. The company is synonymous with innovative design solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services that redefine spaces with sophistication and functionality, making Lipika Sud Interiors a trailblazer in the dynamic world of interior design.

4. Ajay Shah

  • Founder Biography: Ajay Shah, the creative mind behind Ajay Shah Design Studio in Mumbai, is a maestro in the realm of design. With a specialization in furniture, product design, identities, and environmental graphics, Ajay's expertise spans diverse design dimensions. His visionary approach, reflected in every project, has established him as a prominent figure in the industry. Ajay Shah's studio, with a keen focus on wayfinding signage, continues to redefine design boundaries, showcasing innovation and a deep commitment to aesthetic excellence.
  • Company Name: Ajay Shah Design Studio
  • Company Biography: Ajay Shah Design Studio, based in Mumbai, is the brainchild of design virtuoso Ajay Shah. Specializing in furniture, product design, identities, and environmental graphics, the studio is a hub of creativity and innovation. With a distinct focus on wayfinding signage, Ajay Shah Design Studio transcends conventional design boundaries. Each project is a testament to the studio's commitment to redefining spaces with an amalgamation of functionality and aesthetic brilliance, making it a trailblazer in the dynamic landscape of design.

5. Manit Rastogi

  • Founder Biography: Manit Rastogi, Founding Partner, is a distinguished architect with an illustrious academic background. A graduate with honors in Energy and Environmental Studies from the School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi) and the Architectural Association (London), he brings a unique perspective to design. Manit is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) and the Royal Society of Arts, UK (RSA). His commitment to sustainable and innovative architecture has earned him recognition and positions him as a leader in the architectural community.
  • Company Name: Morphogenesis
  • Company Biography: Morphogenesis, a pioneering architectural firm, is a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Founded by Manit Rastogi, the firm has redefined design with a holistic approach. Specializing in creating environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, Morphogenesis stands at the forefront of cutting-edge architecture. With a commitment to sustainable practices and a portfolio that spans diverse sectors, including residential, commercial, and institutional projects, Morphogenesis continues to shape the architectural landscape, garnering accolades for its visionary and transformative designs.

6. Sunita Kohli

  • Founder Biography: Sunita Kohli, an iconic figure in Indian design, is celebrated for her multifaceted expertise as an interior designer, architectural restorer, and furniture manufacturer. Renowned for restoring and adorning landmarks like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House Colonnade, and Hyderabad House, she exemplifies design excellence. Honored with the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1992, Sunita Kohli's visionary contributions have left an indelible mark on India's architectural and design heritage, solidifying her legacy as a pioneer and stalwart in the industry.
  • Company Name: K2INDIA (Kohelika Kohli Architects)
  • Company Biography: K2India, led by Kohelika Kohli Architects, is a dynamic architectural firm synonymous with innovative design. Rooted in creativity and functionality, the firm specializes in crafting spaces that redefine aesthetics. With a diverse portfolio spanning residential, commercial, and institutional projects, K2India has left an indelible mark on the design landscape. Under the visionary leadership of Kohelika Kohli, the firm seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements, creating environments that reflect both sophistication and cultural resonance. K2India continues to shape the architectural narrative with transformative and timeless designs.

7. Ambrish Arora

  • Founder Biography: Ambrish Arora, a visionary architect and the driving force behind Studio Lotus, has steered the company to the forefront of the design industry since its establishment in 2002. Headquartered in New Delhi, Studio Lotus is acclaimed for its multi-disciplinary design excellence. Under Ambrish's leadership, the firm has garnered prestigious awards, including the Grand Jury Prize at the Design for Asia Award and Prix Versailles Special Prize for Restaurant Interiors. Ambrish's innovative approach has also secured Studio Lotus a place on the Architectural Digest India's list of the 50 most influential names in Architecture & Design for five consecutive years.
  • Company Name: Studio Lotus
  • Company Biography: Studio Lotus, established in 2002 and headquartered in New Delhi, is a leading multi-disciplinary design firm celebrated for its architectural and design brilliance. Led by visionary architect Ambrish Arora, the studio has received prestigious accolades, including the Grand Jury Prize at the Design for Asia Award and Prix Versailles Special Prize for Restaurant Interiors. Consistently featured on the Architectural Digest India list of the 50 most influential names in Architecture & Design, Studio Lotus continues to redefine and elevate the design landscape with innovative and award-winning projects.

8. Tanya Gyani

  • Founder Biography: Tanya Gyani, the creative force behind Tanya Gyani Design in Palo Alto, California, brings a global perspective to her boutique design firm. With a background in residential interior design, she draws inspiration from India's rich heritage, where she began her design journey. Having studied in India, Italy, and the South of France, Tanya's enriching experience as an interior designer in Dubai, Hong Kong, and India culminated in her current base in the U.S. Her versatile portfolio includes floral installations, interior design projects for renowned real estate developers, and product designs for global retailers, showcasing her diverse and sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Company Name: Tanya Gyani Design
  • Company Biography: Tanya Gyani Design, a bespoke design firm nestled in Palo Alto, California, embodies the creative vision of Tanya Gyani. Specializing in residential interior design, Tanya draws inspiration from her Indian roots, blending diverse cultural influences. With a design education spanning India, Italy, and the South of France, Tanya's global perspective enriches her work. Noteworthy for her tenure as the chief interior design consultant to India's DLF and her contributions to renowned retailers like Pottery Barn, Tanya Gyani Design epitomizes timeless elegance and cultural fusion.

9. Anjum Jung

  • Founder Biography: Anjum Jung, the driving force behind Morph, the interior works arm of Prestige Group, has played a pivotal role in its remarkable growth over the last two decades. With an impressive 29-year association with the Group, Anjum has been instrumental in shaping Morph into a powerhouse of interior design. Her leadership has not only contributed to the company's success but has also left an indelible mark on the real estate and interior design landscape, solidifying her status as a key influencer in the industry.
  • Company Name: Morph Design
  • Company Biography: Founded by the visionary Anjum Jung, Morph Design has emerged as a dynamic and thrilling interior design company in Bangalore, India. Known for its innovative and captivating designs, Morph Design under Anjum's leadership has become synonymous with creativity and excellence. With a commitment to transforming spaces into extraordinary environments, Morph Design continually pushes the boundaries of design, earning its reputation as one of the most exciting and influential players in the vibrant interior design landscape of Bangalore.

10. Arun Karthik Nagappan

  • Founder Biography: Arun Karthik Nagappan, the dynamic Managing Director and Founder of DesignQube, is a visionary leader in the field of architecture and design. With a passion for creating innovative and functional spaces, Arun has steered DesignQube to prominence. His expertise lies in transforming architectural visions into reality, creating environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Arun's leadership and commitment to design excellence have established DesignQube as a distinguished player in the industry, shaping the architectural landscape with creativity and ingenuity.
  • Company Name: DesignQube
  • Company Biography: DesignQube, led by Managing Director and Founder Arun Karthik Nagppan, is a pioneering force in the world of architecture and design. Renowned for its innovative and functional design solutions, DesignQube has earned its place as a distinguished player in the industry. With a commitment to transforming architectural concepts into reality, the firm's portfolio reflects a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality. DesignQube's visionary approach and dedication to design excellence continue to shape the architectural landscape, setting new standards for creativity and innovation.

11. Gauri Khan

  • Founder Biography: Gauri Khan, a multifaceted talent, is an accomplished Indian film producer and fashion designer renowned for her work in Hindi cinema and the design industry. With a successful career spanning both fields, Gauri has established herself as a prominent figure. Beyond her contributions to the film industry, she has made a mark in interior design, exemplified by her recent project, the Mexican restaurant Sanchos in Bandra, Mumbai. Gauri Khan continues to be a trailblazer, seamlessly blending her creative prowess across diverse realms.
  • Company Name: Gauri Khan Designs
  • Company Biography: Gauri Khan Designs, the brainchild of the versatile Gauri Khan, epitomizes elegance and innovation in the world of interior design. Renowned for her exemplary work in Hindi films, Gauri has seamlessly transitioned into the design industry, leaving an indelible mark with her unique aesthetic. The design studio, synonymous with sophistication and style, reflects Gauri's creative vision. With a commitment to crafting luxurious and timeless spaces, Gauri Khan Designs continues to redefine the landscape of interior design, showcasing a perfect blend of functionality and opulence.

12. Sussanne Khan

  • Founder Biography: Sussanne Khan, an acclaimed Indian interior and fashion designer, is recognized for her distinct style and creative flair. Formerly married to actor Hrithik Roshan, she has carved her niche in the design industry. Born to actor Sanjay Khan, Sussanne's design sensibilities reflect a blend of elegance and innovation. With a diverse portfolio spanning interiors and fashion, she continues to make a mark, infusing her projects with a unique aesthetic that mirrors her rich background in both design and entertainment.
  • Company Name: The Charcoal Project
  • Company Biography: The Charcoal Project, conceptualized by Sussanne Khan, stands as a testament to luxury and innovation in the realm of interior design. A distinctive venture, the project epitomizes Sussanne's creative vision, offering a curated collection of exquisite furniture, décor, and lifestyle products. With a commitment to timeless aesthetics, The Charcoal Project has become a destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and style, redefining the standards of luxury in the interior design landscape.

13. Abhishek Chadha

  • Founder Biography: Abhishek Chadha, the founder of The Karighars in Bengaluru, is a visionary in the field of interior design. His profound satisfaction in the profession stems from the unique aspect that most of his clients are close friends. With an innate ability to blend friendship and professional excellence, Abhishek has cultivated a distinctive approach that goes beyond conventional client-designer relationships. His commitment to creating personalized, meaningful spaces reflects in The Karighars' portfolio, making it a standout name in the realm of interior design in Bengaluru.
  • Company Name: the karighars
  • Company Biography: The Karighars, a collective of the best interior designers in Bangalore, is a transformative force in the world of interior design. Comprising a talented team of top decorators, their mission is to revolutionize how people perceive homes. With expertise in residential, home, and villa interior design, The Karighars redefine every element of your space. Expect an unparalleled blend of artistry and functionality, crafted by the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore. Contact these best designers to give your home the exceptional touch it deserves.

14. Priyanka Srikanth

  • Founder Biography: Priyanka Srikanth, an Interior Designer at Carafina Interior Designers in India, embarked on her journey through enriching internships, including a transformative experience in Bali, Indonesia. Working with a creative team, she gained insights into diverse design approaches, notably exploring unique bamboo architecture. Subsequently, Priyanka delved into the practicalities of site work, wearing multiple hats in a construction management company. Her roles encompassed project management, site supervision, material procurement, and navigating the business aspects, showcasing her versatility and commitment to a holistic understanding of the design process.
  • Company Name: Carafina Interior Designers
  • Company Biography: Carafina Interior Designers, a leading design firm in India, is synonymous with innovation and sophistication. With a commitment to transforming spaces into captivating environments, Carafina stands as a beacon of excellence in the interior design landscape. Renowned for its unique approach and attention to detail, the firm blends creativity and functionality seamlessly. Carafina's portfolio reflects a diverse range of projects, showcasing its ability to create personalized and aesthetically pleasing interiors that resonate with both contemporary trends and timeless elegance.

15. Pinakin Patel

  • Founder Biography: Pinakin Patel, a trailblazer in the design industry, embarked on his creative journey by establishing a picture-framing shop in 1979. In 1984, he revolutionized India's design landscape by launching the country's inaugural lifestyle and furniture store. A year later, Pinakin founded his own interior design practice, Pinakin Design LLP. A visionary, Pinakin Patel's legacy is defined by his pioneering contributions to India's design scene, transforming spaces and setting new standards for lifestyle and furniture design with innovation and creativity.
  • Company Name: Pinakin Design LLP
  • Company Biography: Pinakin Design LLP, founded by design visionary Pinakin Patel, stands as a pioneering force in India's design realm. Established as the country's first lifestyle and furniture store in 1984, the firm has redefined luxury and aesthetics. With Pinakin Patel's keen eye for innovation, Pinakin Design LLP seamlessly integrates lifestyle, furniture, and interior design, creating spaces that reflect a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and timeless sophistication. The firm continues to shape India's design narrative, setting benchmarks for creativity, quality, and artistic expression.

16. Twinkle Khanna

  • Founder Biography: Twinkle Khanna, a multifaceted personality, transitioned from acting to entrepreneurship after marriage. Following the birth of her son Araav in September 2002, she co-founded the interior design store White Window with Gurlein Manchanda in Bombay's Crawford Market. Twinkle's venture earned her the prestigious El Decor Award, showcasing her prowess not only as a former Bollywood actor but also as a successful businesswoman with an eye for design and aesthetics. Her diverse accomplishments continue to make her a notable figure in the entertainment and design industries.
  • Company Name: The White Window
  • Company Biography: The White Window, a Mumbai-based interior design store, was founded by Twinkle Khanna in 2002 in collaboration with her friend Gurlein Manchanda. Located in Crawford Market, the store has become a distinguished name in the design industry. Known for its curated selection and aesthetic finesse, The White Window has garnered acclaim, earning the prestigious Elle Decor International Design Award. Renowned for its innovative and sophisticated offerings, the store continues to be a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of elegance and contemporary design.

17. Aamir Sharma and Hameeda

  • Founder Biography: Aamir Sharma, an award-winning interior designer based in Hyderabad, is the partner and co-founder of Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH). Graduating from Module Design Institute, Aamir embarked on his design journey, establishing his practice in 2000 alongside his wife Hameeda. Together, they form a dynamic duo known for their innovative and sophisticated designs. With a collaborative approach, Aamir Sharma and Hameeda have left an indelible mark on the interior design landscape, creating spaces that blend creativity and functionality seamlessly.
  • Company Name: Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH)
  • Company Biography: Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH), a dynamic design firm founded by the talented duo Aamir Sharma and Hameeda Sharma, has become synonymous with innovation and excellence in Hyderabad. Established in the year 2000, the firm is celebrated for its award-winning designs that seamlessly blend creativity and functionality. AANDH's collaborative approach, led by Aamir and Hameeda, has garnered acclaim, creating distinctive spaces that redefine the boundaries of interior design with sophistication and innovation.

18. Tarun Bhalla

  • Founder Biography: Tarun Bhalla, a visionary entrepreneur, is the founder of Avishkaar, a groundbreaking initiative in India that pioneered the concept of "Making" in the country. His belief in the power of robotics, tinkering, and making products led him to establish Avishkaar, creating a market for these innovative concepts when they were relatively unknown in India. Tarun Bhalla's entrepreneurial spirit and foresight have played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of educational technology and hands-on learning in the country.
  • Company Name: Avishkaar Architects
  • Company Biography: Avishkaar Architects, an innovative design firm, is at the forefront of redefining architectural landscapes in India. Known for its commitment to sustainability and contemporary aesthetics, Avishkaar Architects has earned a prominent place in the design industry. The firm, with a diverse portfolio ranging from residential to commercial projects, seamlessly integrates functionality and creativity. Led by a team of skilled professionals, Avishkaar Architects continues to shape environments that resonate with elegance, innovation, and a deep understanding of architectural principles.


  • Founder Biography: D. Rajan, the Founder and Chief Architect of Fontech Interiors, is a visionary leader who established the company in 2000 with a strategic mission centered around the principles of "Quality and Services" at competitive prices. With an illustrious 18-year history, D. Rajan has successfully upheld this mission, earning the company a reputation for delivering projects with exceptional quality, on time, and within budget. His commitment to resolving complex issues and creating vibrant environments reflects a passion that drives Fontech Interiors' success in the design industry.
  • Company Name: Fontech Interiors
  • Company Biography: Fontech Interiors, founded in 2000 by D. Rajan, stands as a beacon of excellence in the design and architectural industry. With a strategic mission centered around the principles of "Quality and Services" at competitive prices, the company has excelled in delivering projects with exceptional quality, punctuality, and within budget constraints. Over 18 years, Fontech Interiors has earned a stellar reputation, inspiring clients through a collaborative approach to resolving complex design challenges and creating vibrant, thriving environments where people flourish.

20. Pinky Pandit

  • Founder Biography: Pinky Pandit, a leading figure in architecture and interior design for luxury residences and hospitality, has made an indelible mark on the industry. In 2012, she founded Modus Design Studio, a dynamic firm offering comprehensive solutions in architecture, planning, and interior design for both residential and commercial spaces. Pinky's visionary approach and commitment to excellence have positioned her as a prominent architect and designer, contributing significantly to the landscape of luxury living and hospitality in the country.
  • Company Name: Modus Design Studio
  • Company Biography: Modus Design Studio, founded in 2012 by Pinky Pandit, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of architecture and interior design. Renowned for its expertise in luxury residences and hospitality spaces, the studio offers comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial projects. With a visionary approach, Modus Design Studio has earned acclaim for its commitment to excellence, creating environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. The studio continues to redefine the standards of design, contributing significantly to the landscape of architectural innovation.

21. Rooshad Shroff

  • Founder Biography: Established in 2011, Rooshad Shroff is a Mumbai-based boutique design firm founded by the visionary Rooshad Shroff. Renowned for its diverse and innovative practice across the design spectrum, the firm has carved a distinctive niche in the industry. Rooshad Shroff, with his keen eye for detail and creativity, leads the firm in crafting unique and inspiring design solutions. His commitment to excellence and passion for design have positioned Rooshad Shroff as a prominent figure in the dynamic landscape of contemporary design in India.
  • Company Name: Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design
  • Company Biography: Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design, established in 2011, is a Mumbai-based boutique firm founded by the creative force Rooshad Shroff. Recognized for its diverse practice spanning the design spectrum, the firm is celebrated for its innovative approach to architecture and design. Led by Rooshad Shroff, the team crafts unique solutions, seamlessly blending creativity with functionality. With a commitment to excellence, Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design continues to shape the design landscape, contributing to the evolution of contemporary design in India.

22. Atreyee Choudhury

  • Founder Biography: Atreyee Choudhury, the Founder and Principal Interior Architect of De Panache, is a visionary in the realm of interior design. Her academic background in architecture from VTU, coupled with exposure to distinguished guest lecturers from renowned institutions like the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, fueled her profound interest in interior design. With a commitment to excellence, Atreyee leads De Panache in specializing in luxury residential interiors, delivering creative homes that surpass industry benchmarks and cater to an elite clientele.
  • Company Name: De Panache Interior Design Firm
  • Company Biography: De Panache, an award-winning interior design firm in Bangalore, Karnataka, stands as a trusted name in luxury residential interiors. Founded by Atreyee Choudhury, the firm is renowned for its end-to-end home interior design solutions that exceed industry standards. With a commitment to excellence, De Panache specializes in crafting distinctive, creative homes for an elite clientele. The firm's unique design sensibilities and unwavering dedication to quality have earned it a prominent place in the world of interior design, making it a top choice in the industry.

5 Easy Steps To Get Work Done

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In the first step towards realizing your project, schedule a meeting with our dedicated team. Share your ideas, expectations, and goals. This initial interaction allows us to understand your vision, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to your project.


Following our meeting, we meticulously define the scope of work. This phase involves outlining the specific tasks, timelines, and resources required for successful project completion. Clear communication ensures alignment between your expectations and our commitment to delivering exceptional results.


Once the scope is agreed upon, we proceed to seal the deal. Our team prepares a comprehensive agreement, detailing the terms, conditions, and responsibilities. This step ensures transparency and sets the foundation for a collaborative and successful partnership.


With the deal sealed, our experts swing into action, bringing your project to life. Our execution phase involves the implementation of meticulously crafted plans. Regular updates keep you informed about the progress, ensuring that your vision is being transformed into reality seamlessly.


The final step is obtaining your stamp of approval. Before concluding the project, we invite your feedback, making any necessary adjustments to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Your approval marks the successful completion of the project, and we take pride in delivering results that exceed expectations.


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